Server Status:
L o a d i n g . . .
Welcome to l2etina!
Join our truly unique Interlude server, that combines hardcore old-style experience with modern graphics and outstanding features.
New Interlude Edition
Style that we provide, is what many were waiting for.
Fully working Interlude Chronicle with new Game Client.
Interlude Gameplay
Play with No Bots, No P2W, No Auto Pick Up on the Interlude Chronicle in which you get 4x Exp/Sp and 3x Adena and 2x Seal Stones.
Lineage II Etina
L2Etina aims to be the best server you can play on for years without wipes or any other issues. It is a refreshed version of Interlude that will set the new standard for Lineage 2!
Classic Client
L2Etina provides a fully implemented Classic Client: improved graphics, a new interface, the mailing system and cloaks are just a few of the new features you’ll be able to enjoy.
Modern Low Rate
L2Etina offers a set of features that can't be found anywhere else.
We are excited to find out what you think!
Low rate experience
The progress speed was adjusted to present days. Gain experience and skill points 4x faster, receive 3x as much adena, drops and 2x seal stones and compared to retail.
Modern solutions
To make your life easier, a few details were improved. Skills can now be learned and enchanted from the Skills’ panel, messages and items can be sent by mail, nearby enemies can be quickly spotted by the radar.
Massive Battles
To encourage PvP action, Epic Bosses respawn more often than on retail. We want players to experience epic battles, that's why Castle Sieges take place every 2 weeks.
Hardcore Gameplay
Just like in good old times, you are able to play on only one character at once. There is no auto pick up, no auto hunting and no bots.
Faster progress
We made it easier to complete the subclass quest. To increase the pace, subclass raid bosses respawn every 20-24 hours. Shady Man spawns near each of them and offers details on the RB spawn time for a fee.
Modern Interface
You will play on L2Etina with new game version, but only the features that don't affect the gameplay are enabled. Health bar, damage visualization, mini map, party tokens, debuffs landed on monsters and many other features are available, while auto hunting is disabled.
Useful info at hand
Nobody likes to minimize game to search for knowledge. On L2Etina it's possible to check rewards of any monster, find every possible way of getting desired item or check which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon. There is also a guide for players unfamiliar with Interlude or game in general.
Olympiad cycle every 2 weeks for more pvp content
No pay to win
Real money payment won't help you win battles, but it can make your character look better and help you progress a bit faster. By L2Coins you can buy cosmetics, change sex, modify name of character or clan, buy first and second class transfer. The last thing you can buy is premium bonus. It adds 15% to rates, increases weight limit, enables premium chat and experience block. You can also get it for free by voting for our server