Server Status:
L o a d i n g . . .
Learn everything you need to know about the server before you start playing!
Basic server information

Welcome to L2Etina!

For those who didn't play before, L2Etina is an Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client. It means game interface is new and that we have a lot of cool features like radar, mail, Item Search Window, Seed Auction. Gameplay stays the same as on Interlude though, so there aren't any changes to skills, bosses, drops etc.

We are aiming to provide a long-term server without any kind of wipe.

Server will be 100% NO P2W, you can get premium for free only by voting for us.

  • Experience: 4x
  • Skill Points: 4x
  • Adena Drop: 3x
  • Item Drop: 3x
  • Seal Stones Drop: 2x
  • Spoil Rate: 3x
  • Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 3x
  • Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x
  • Quest Reward Experience: 2x
  • Quest Reward SP: 2x
  • Quest Reward Items/Adena: 1x

Quest Item Drop Rate:
  • Gather the Flames: 1x
  • Relics of the Old Empire: 1x
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos: 1x
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs: 1x
  • War with Ketra: 1x
  • War with Varka: 1x
  • Third Class Quests: 1x
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail: 1x
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail: 1x
  • The Finest Food: 1x
  • Four Goblets: 1x
  • Legacy of Insolence: 1x
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave, Part I & II: 1x
  • Coins of Magic: 1x
  • Seductive Whisper: 1x
  • Other Quest Item Drop Rate: 2x
  • Dangerous Seduction: Requires First Class Transfer
  • Kamael: A Window to the Future: Requires First Class Transfer

Enchant Rates:
  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Enchanting Chance: 66% Fighter Weapon 40% Mage Weapon

  • Skills learned by Skills Panel
  • Spell Books are required for Skill Learning
  • Retail amount of Buff Slots
  • Retail Buff Duration
  • Skills can be enchanted by Skills Panel

Bosses Respawn Duration:
  • Cabrio, Kernon, Golkonda, Hallate: 20 - 24 hours
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 16 - 20 hours
  • Queen Ant: 34 - 36 hours
  • Orfen: 46 - 48 hours
  • Core: 58 - 60 hours
  • Zaken: 58 - 60 hours
  • Baium: 120 - 124 hours
  • Frintezza: 44 - 48 hours
  • Antharas: 260 - 264 hours
  • Valakas: 260 - 264 hours

Other Features:
  • All epics and raidbosses alive at the server start
  • Dual Box 1+1 allowed, but with the following restrictions:
  • You cannot dual box in PvP ( your 2nd char will automatic be ported to town when you flag with it )

    You cannot dual box in Events

    You cannot dual box in Olympiad

    You cannot dual box in Sieges

    You cannot dual box in Epics

  • No Auto Pick Up
  • You will be able to join Seven Signs & collect Seal Stones from Monday 13th of February and the first Validation Period will begin on Monday 20th of February.
  • Siege of each castle takes place every 2 weeks
  • Castle Sieges will take place every 2 weeks. First castle sieges will be on 26th of February
  • Heroes are selected every 2 weeks
  • First olympiad period will begin on 1st April
  • First heroes will appear on 15th April
  • Cursed Weapons will be available on 1st March
  • Clan Hall & Castle npcs can now buff pets
  • Alliance buffs are affecting pets & summons
  • Seal Stones drops are evenly split between party members
  • Scrolls acquired from Dimensional Diamonds cannot be sold

Classic Game Client:
  • Modern look of the game
  • Improved performance
  • No Critical Errors
  • Tons of new Game Settings and Interface Windows
  • Damage on the Screen
  • Healths Bars
  • Mail
  • Radar
  • Cloaks
  • Party Tokens
  • Skill Learning Panel
  • New Skills Enchanting
  • Items on Chat
  • Npc Debuff Info
  • Improved Clan Notice Editing
  • Quick Status Actions
  • Exp Bar and redesigned Main Menu
  • Friend Manager
  • Quest Areas on the Map
  • Redesigned Character Creation
  • Clan Ranking
  • Redesigned Past Olympiad Ranking
  • Colorful System Messages
  • No Adena Limit
  • You can choose between New Herb Style, Retail Herb Style & no Herbs at all

Custom Features:
  • Guide Window provides all important information about Lineage II and L2Etina
  • Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon
  • Bot Reporting Function and Smart Guard provides playing without Bots
  • Item Search window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in
  • Offline Private Store Sales
  • Seed Auction allows everyone to take part in manor
  • Shady Man allows to purchase info about respawn of Subclass Raid Bosses
  • Fishing system is disabled
  • Automatic Twitch Rewards
  • Ranking Window
  • Automatic Crystallization Sales
  • Exit Game Statistics

  • Fishing system is disabled
  • Third class quests no longer require Big White Fat Fish
  • Proof of Catching a Fish required for learning fishing skills, can now be gained through voting
  • Quest "Lanosco's Special Bait" is disabled
  • Quest "O'Fulle's Special Bait" is disabled
  • Quest "Willie's Special Bait" is disabled
  • Quest "Linnaeus' Special Bait" is disabled
  • Quest "Red-Eyed Invaders" is disabled
  • Quest "Quest for Fishing Shot" is disabled
  • Quest "Chest caught with a bait of wind" is disabled and its reward is added to "Acts of Evil" quest
  • Quest "Chest caught with a bait of icy air" is disabled and its reward is added to "The Ocean of Distant Stars" quest
  • Quest "Chest caught with a bait of earth" is disabled and its reward is added to "Pavel the Giant" quest
  • Quest "Chest caught with a bait of fire" is disabled and its reward is added to "Sweet Whispers" quest

More about server rates

As you know, voting on server is the best way to bring new players and make server populated. It works better than banners, but unfortunately involves you in clicking on toplists. We have added L2Etina to HopZone, L2Network and L2JBrazil, so more people can know about it. We strongly encourage you to vote on the server every 12 hours. Process of voting looks like this:

1. When you are able to vote, you will see button on right side of the screen:

2. Click on it, to see window that shows details about voting:

3. Click on "Vote on Server", you will be redirected to this page:

4. Click "Receive Reward", server will verify if you have actually voted:

5. After few seconds, you will automatically get your reward:

Vote Rewards:

We would like everyone to vote twice a day, so we have prepared great rewards for this effort. You will get a rune that lasts for 12 hours and gives following effects:

  • +15% Experience
  • +15% Drop Rate
  • +15% Skill Points
  • +15% Spoil Rate
  • +15% Seal Stone Drop rate
  • Experience Block
  • Weight Limit +100%

Additionally you will receive 2000 Proof of Catching a Fish

Streaming Rewards
More about server rates

On L2Etina, you can receive L2Coins by actively streaming gameplay of our server on We hope this will bring new players to our community and make server even more populated. In order to receive rewards, you need to register your stream on your main character in game.

Click on General Menu(ALT+X) and select Twitch Rewards.

Then you will be able to register your channel. In order to do that, your stream must be currently running and its title must contain text "Etina".

When your stream is connected, you will be gettings rewards when both your stream and your characters are online.

Reward that you will receive, depends on how many viewers your stream has:

  • 0-5 viewers: No Reward
  • 6-15 viewers: 3 L2Coins per 3 Hours of streaming
  • 16-39 viewers: 3 L2Coins per 1 Hour of streaming
  • 40+ viewers: 3 L2Coins per 40 Minutes of Streaming

You can then spend L2Coins on various things that are available through donation (keep in mind that 1 euro is 10 L2Coins).

There is also time limitation during streaming. You are able to receive only rewards only for 6 hours of streaming every day.

We are aware that being generous with rewards, might encourage players to create fake streams with fake viewers. In case that happens, list of rewards will be adjusted.

Status of Raid Bosses

If you wish to check if Raid Boss is alive, you can just open Mini Map, click on World Info button and then select Raid tab. Map will show position of every raid boss in the game, it will also show status of Raid Bosses below level 50.

Shady Man
Faster subclass quest

Shady Man, is a custom npc that allows you to finish Subclass Quest faster.

It is located new Silen's Messenger Cabrio, Kernon, Longhorn Golkonda and Deah Lord Hallate. He can offer you time of death and next spawn window of those bosses for 300,000 adena.

There is also one more spawn of Shady Man, in thirteenth floor of Tower of Insolence. He can trade Pipette Knife for Red Pipette Knife for 5,000,000 adena and a blooded fabric. Baium must be alive and awake in order to conduct this service, but you don't need to enter the lair and hit him.

Seed Auction
Fair manor system

As you may know, on Interlude Chronicle Manor provides fortune to players(usually bots) who purchase seeds milliseconds before the others. It is unjust system, unaccessible to most. We were thinking for a long time how to fix it. While many servers disable this system or pretend the problem doesn't exist, we have decided to improve it. We want to give everybody fair chances of getting the seeds, so we have created special auction system. When new seeds are placed for sale, an auction for each of them begins. You can access auction panel by selecting desired seed in Manor Menu and clicking "Seed Purchase". You will see this window:

Everybody can their bid. You can also Cancel it and place new bid, if you wish to increase your price.

When you place new bid, you will need to have enough adena in your inventory to pay for them. Adena will be placed in the deposit and returned to you if someone outbid you. Auction lasts for a whole day, until new seeds are up for sale, so you will have plenty of time to outbid others.

L2Coin Store
Donation List

NO P2W! No boosters for donations, you have to farm everything by yourself in our server! The only thing you can donate in our server is for Premium Account ( This can also be obtainable for free by voting ), Cosmetics and 1st and 2nd class Quest.

Keep in mind that L2Coins are NOT tradable, here is what you can buy for them in game:


Premium Bonus helps you progress faster. It adds 15% to Experience Rate, Skill Points Rate, Drop Rate, Spoil Rate & Seal Stone Drop Rate, weight limit is increase by 100%. Premium also gives access to Premium Chat and Experience Block Action.

  • Price for 7 days: 3 euro
  • Price for 14 days: 4 euro
  • Price for 30 days: 6 euro

Beauty Shop

In Beauty Shop, you can buy Cloak(just visual bonus), Accessory & Agathion. You can also change your Sex, Nickname, Clan Name and color of your Title. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can refund it and get most of your coins back.

  • Price for Cloak(no stats): 10-20 euro
  • Price for Accessory(no stats): 6 - 12 euro
  • Price for Agathion(no stats): 15 euro
  • Price for Sex Change: 5 euro
  • Price for Nickname Change: 5 euro
  • Price for Clan Name Change: 10 euro
  • Price for Title Color: 10 euro

Class Transfer

First and Second class transfer, is the last thing you can buy for L2Coins.

  • Price for First Class Transfer: 6 euro
  • Price for Second Class Transfer: 12 euro

Game Client
Classic Game Client

Health Bar

Health of nearby monsters, party members and yours, is now visible below creature name. If you wish to disable it, there is such option in Action Window.

Skill Learning & Enchanting

On L2Etina you no longer need to visit npc to learn or enchant skills. You simply can use Skill Window and click on Learn Skill tab or Enchant Skill button.

Party Tokens

Party Tokens are special icons, that you can set above any character and all party members will see it. They could be used to show which target to kill, which monster should be stunned, which player needs heal or anything else you can think of. You can set party tokens by targetting desired creature first and then clicking on Use Token action.

There are 4 tokens, the only difference between them is their look. There are also 4 targetting actions, they let you quickly target creature that has selected token.

Token can be assigned to only one creature and assigning it again makes it disappear.

Exit Game Statistics

Before closing game, you will now see amount of earned experience, adena, total play time and acquired items.


We have added most requested feature of Interlude, Radar.

It allows you to quickly find out where you are exactly, locate party members, NPCs and monsters.

There are few configurations that you can make:

  • Resize it
  • Zoom in & Zoom out
  • Make it partially transparent
  • Disable showing monsters
  • Disable showing party members
  • Configure its ratation to be fixed.

If you want to play without it, just click ALT+M and Radar will hide.

Npc Debuffs

Debuffs that landed on the monster, are now visible for you.

Levels below your status.

Instead of Vitality Bar, you can now see progress of your classes. Bar is cut into four pieces, each one shows level of your class and subclasses and fills as you progress.

Party Member Info

Party window was redesigned. It now shows class and level of each party member, it also shows whether they currently have Noblesse Blessing buff.

Exp Bar

On the bottom of the screen, you can see amount of unread mails, Clan Entry button or amount of clan members, Party Matching button, current experience, amount of adena and amount of items in inventory.

Show Item on Chat

Open your inventory and click on item with Shift to add item information to your message.

Quick Status Actions

Right Click on player target status, to show quick actions.

Change Font Size

Click on Enlarge Text button in Chat Window, to change font size of the chat.

Server Ranking

You can check Top PvP & PK players, Highest levels, Top Clans and Hall of Fame - showing players who made their mark on the server.

Friend Manager

Open Friend Manager in Main Menu to manage your friends and blocked players.

Check Quest Area on the Map

While doing quests, mini map now shows you where are monsters that you need to kill.

Redesigned Character Creation

Creating your character is now a lot cooler.

Clan List

You can now easily check which clans are the strongest.

Past Olympiad Ranking

We have redesigned past olympiad ranking, what do you think?

New Options

You can now adjust a lot more settings. For example disabling Accessories, Cloaks & Shot Effects might be very useful in epic battles.


This is a feature that most of you are familiar with, but is missing in Interlude Chronicle. Mail allows you to Send Messages, Receive Them, Send Payment Requests & Trade Items at a distance, even with offline players.

You can open Mailbox from General Menu or by clicking on the icon when you receive mail.

Opening Mailbox will display Received Mails, Sent Mails, allow you to delete them or to send one.

If you wish to Send Mail, new window will pop up after clicking on the button. You will need to fill Recipient Name or choose it from Contact List, Title & Message. You can send Regular Mail or Payment Request which allows you to ask received for Adena. You can also send up to 8 different items, in case of Payment Request, receiver will be able to get them only after payment.

If receiver doesn't respond for a while about your request, you can always Cancel sent items.

Buff Store
Sell your buffs

On L2Etina it's possible to create a store that makes it a lot easier to sell buffs to nearby players. If you are support class, select Buff Sale from Main Menu or Action Menu.

Immediately a dialog will pop up. If you really want to sell buffs, setup prices and click OK.

If everything went fine, your character will now have a Buff Store. Your title will change and above it there will be icon of your class.

When your store is set, players will click on you to open Buff Store window. It will show basic information about you and allow them to buy buff by just clicking on the icons.

When nearby player clicks on the buff, you will see a popup window. Requested buff and a timer will be shown in center of your screen. You will need to open your Skill Bar and click on the same buff, to sell it. You also have a possibility to refuse sale of buff, if you don't like somebody.

If you wish to close your store, simply click on the action or Buff Sale button in Main Menu again.

Buff Stores can be set only in Peace Zones.

Classes that can set Buff Store: Prophet, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder, Warcryer, Overlord & enhanced forms of those classes.

Buff Stores cannot go into Offline Store Mode.

Buff Stores consume mana and items at the normal rate while selling buffs.

When you purchase buff from Warcryer or Overlord, you whole party will be buffed.

Item Search
Convenient item search

Item Seach is arguably the most useful window that we have made. It shows you all possible ways of getting any item in the game. You can open this window by clicking Item Search in Main Menu.

First of all, find item that you are interested in. You can search for it by the name, select one of the items from your inventory or select it from the list of Favourites(you can add items to it by clicking on Star in next window).

When you find item you are interested in, click on its name to see detailed information. First tab of Item Search are Monsters, it shows all monsters that can give you this item by Drop or Spoil.

After clicking on the Icon, you can see all drops, spoil and spawn places of selected monster.

Next tab shows all Npcs that trade or sell the item. You can also open the map to see where npc is exactly(except for npcs that move around, like Mammon).

Sell Store tab, shows all players who have Sell Store with this item. You can click on the icon to find out where he is exactly.

Buy Store is similar. Instead of stores that sell item, it shows all the stores that wants to buy it.

Next Tab shows all recipes that allow you to craft the item.

Clicking on Recipe Icon, opens Recipe Information(all items that you need for crafting) and all dwarfs who currently can craft this item for you.

Quest tab shows all quests that have desired item as their reward.

Tab Other, shows any other way of getting the item. It shows items you get by crystallization, becoming Castle Lord or Hero, opening Capsules etc.

Information guide

For players who forgot how certain features work, those who usually play on different chronicle or are playing Lineage II for the first time, we have something that will help. We have spent a lot of time in writing a guide, that tries to simply explain all features of the game. We explain how to get A-Grade weapon, how dimensional rift works, where Crystals come from and a lot of other things. You can access it through Main Menu and simply choose category you are interested in.

Bot Reporting
Participate in the fight

On L2Etina we will use Standard version of Smart Guard, but also hunt down bots by ourselves. We know that it ruins the game, so we will spend a lot of time every day to make your experience comfortable and bot free. In case you want to report player that you believe is using third party software, click on Contact Us or write /gm in Chat to see this window:

Then click "Report bot user", target player that you wish to report and click OK.

Learning / Enchanting
Skill Learning & Enchanting

On L2Etina you no longer need to visit npc to learn or enchant skills. You simply can use Skill Window and click on Learn Skill tab or Enchant Skill button.

Shift + Click
Shift + Click on Monster

To quickly find out what items you can get from monster and what are the chances, on Etina you simply need to click on npc with Shift.

By clicking on the third tab, you can see where selected monster appears and how many are spawned in each territory. You can also quickly move map from one spawn to the next, by click on the arrows on the right side of the tabs.

Soul Crystals
Detailed information

Instead of searching in the web which Soul Crystal you need and which monsters to hunt, you can now find out in game!

In Main Menu, select Soul Crystals to show this window:

Main Page lets you select Crystal Level and show all monsters and bosses that can give it to you. You can clearly see chance and rules of getting it.

In case you want to quickly see what are drops of selected monster or where it spawns, simply click on it.

The last thing that this window offers, is quick info of which Soul Crystal you need. After clicking on "Click Here", select Grade of you weapon and search for it in the list. Moving mouse over each crystal type, allows you to see which Special Ability will you get.

Clan Notice / Penalties
Clan Notice & Clan Penalties

We have decided to completely disable Community Board. It's huge and ugly. We have made a decision to display all of Community Board features in new windows. One of such features is writing Clan Notice,. "Community" button in Clan Panel was replaced with "Notice", that's how it looks like:

Content of old notice will be automatically filled, so you don't have to write everything again. It's also possible to disable notice for a while with small button on bottom right. We hope this will be more convenient.

We have also redesigned Clan Penalties window, take a look:

Character recovery

In is unlikely that you will need to use this feature, but we decided to add it nethertheless. Repair Character window can be opened through Main Menu.

In case your character cannot enter game, this option will probably help. Repair function teleports character to safe location, removes all shortcuts and moves all worn items to inventory. You can use it only for offline character of the same account. If you have only 1 character in account, create new character just to use this option.

In-game mail

This is a feature that most of you are familiar with, but is missing in Interlude Chronicle. Mail allows you to Send Messages, Receive Them, Send Payment Requests & Trade Items at a distance, even with offline players.

You can open Mailbox from General Menu or by clicking on the icon when you receive mail.

Opening Mailbox will display Received Mails, Sent Mails, allow you to delete them or to send one.

If you wish to Send Mail, new window will pop up after clicking on the button. You will need to fill Recipient Name or choose it from Contact List, Title & Message. You can send Regular Mail or Payment Request which allows you to ask received for Adena. You can also send up to 8 different items, in case of Payment Request, receiver will be able to get them only after payment.

If receiver doesn't respond for a while about your request, you can always Cancel sent items.

We hope you will enjoy this feature. Let us know what you think!

Server Rules
Everyone to know

Running any program that may automate gameplay of your character while being online, will result in permanent ban. If you have auto clickers, adrenaline or other similar programs, make sure to uninstall them before starting the game.

Running Virtual Machine to play the game, will result in permanent ban.

Trading characters, adena or other items for real money, will result in permanent ban.

Advertising other Lineage II servers, will result in permanent ban.

Impersonating a Game Master, will result in permanent ban.

Flaming L2Etina server or its Game Masters, will result in temporary Chat Ban or permanent ban.

You can be punished for flaming others in Premium & Hero Chat. Rasist jokes or comments are also not allowed on those chats. If same incident happens on other chat types, we do not intervene.

If you got scammed, Server Staff will not return any of the items. If you are sharing your passwords or the items, you do it at your own risk.